Tips for a Spring Home Sale

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Selling your Ocean County Home this Spring?

While the winter brought a record-breaking number of buyers to the market, Spring will bring more inventory and more competition.

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So, why wait until your house is about to go on the market to get it ready? Well, let's be honest, practically any house will sell for a respectable amount in today's market. However, if you want to get the most money for your home and sell it fast, here are a few tips:

Deep Clean

Understand that if you decide to sell, potential buyers will open every cupboard and examine every corner, so this is a good time to spruce-up the overall presentation of your property, making it much easier for you to prepare for a sale and get the best price when the time comes. (Invest in a professional house cleaning service if you don't want to perform the tasks yourself. Spending the money now on a thorough spring clean could lead in a higher selling price later, so it's worth the time and effort.)

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Take the opportunity to touch up the paint or perhaps go for a full fresh coat while you're moving things around when performing a thorough cleaning. Remember that the external walls of your property are among the first things a prospective buyer will see, so it's a smart idea to thoroughly clean or repaint those as well.

Spruce Up the Garden

When it comes to selling your property for the highest price, the importance of curb appeal cannot be overstated, so use your spring cleaning as an opportunity to give your landscape a bit more attention than just mowing the lawn. Consider installing new planting beds or power washing the driveway.

Fix the Little Things

Do you have a shaky doorknob or a dangling tap fitting that keeps sliding off? Now is the time to get those little repairs completed that you've been putting off. While they may not have a significant impact on the price, keeping the small things in functioning order indicates the kind of care and attention that potential buyers seek and are willing to pay extra.

Paint the Front Door

The front door is one of the first things people notice as they approach your home, and first impressions are crucial. Choosing colors for your front door that complement the rest of your home's exterior decor will quickly improve its appearance. So, choose the right color and get painting!

Get Rid of Junk

In your eyes, that broken stool in the kitchen, or the old lawnmower out back may simply be part of the scenery, but clutter might be a turn-off for potential buyers, so it's time to get rid of it. Look around the house for items that are broken or little used, then donate or recycle them if possible. If not, toss them out.

Make your Home Smell Nice

When deciding whether a house is suited for them, prospective buyers will utilize all their senses, and incorporating pleasant scents will help them form favorable associations with your home (and potentially drive up how much it sells for). Start by opening your windows and doors to allow in some fresh spring air, then light some scented candles throughout the house or put some vanilla essence in a heatproof dish with some water on a low heat and let the lovely perfume pervade your home.

Get Organized

If you're struggling to get started on your spring cleaning, consider this method: instead of cleaning room by room, focus on different sorts of stuff in phases, arranging minor items like clothing and books first and then moving on to larger undertakings.

What’s Your Ocean County Home Worth? Get a FREE, Instant Valuation

Bottom Line: While following these suggestions isn't necessary in today's thriving Ocean County housing market, it is encouraged if you want to get absolute top dollar.

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