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Exceptional Real Estate Photography is Essential in Getting Top Dollar for Your Home

Are you thinking of selling your home within the next 8 months? If so, contact me to arrange professional real estate photography now! Why now? Because we want to ensure we get the best exterior photos possible and bright flowers, green grass and full trees are more appealing than snow-covered lawns and leafless trees. As an aside, most Realtors will pay for professional photography for their clients.

The importance of high-quality real estate images has grown significantly. With online viewing, we can now see homes from anywhere in the globe, inside and out, rather than waiting until we visit them in person.

What’s Your Ocean County Home Worth? Get a FREE, Instant Valuation

Once COVID-19 took the world by storm, the value of top-notch real estate photos became more important. Not to necessarily sell the property quicker, but for more top dollar. More often than ever, people are researching properties online and, in some cases, making purchases without ever setting foot on the property.

Quality real estate images are crucial in getting as many eyes on your property as possible. And the more people that see your home, the more attention it attracts, which will result in more offers.

Search for Homes in Ocean County

Nine out of ten homebuyers start their search online, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). 25% of respondents acknowledge that their current home was purchased as a result of online real estate photography. The most crucial factor in selling a house is great real estate photography, which is second only to price.

Quality photos give prospective buyers a sense of the floorplan and characteristics of the home, both inside and out. Best practices typically begin with exterior photographs and then guide the customer through the house, simulating what a walkthrough would naturally entail in real life.

Bottom Line: Professional photos will help sell your listing quicker and for more money. But let’s make sure we take those pictures at the best time of year.

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